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Pailor is a private

network focused on

supporting women business owners

and  business


To be accepted, applicants must be existing business owners (at any percentage of ownership) that see growing their business has a greater impact beyond their own success, have the desire to grow their business, and are committed to influencing equality in entrepreneurship. We focus on helping women grow their businesses past $1million in annual revenue.


Member Services

that help you focus on your businesses


Flight Crew

Our signature offering curated with the help of leaders in successful business organization.  Small peer groups of 8 other women owners focused on growth in an atmosphere of deep authenticity and support.  Meeting virtually on a monthly basis with training from an expert facilitator.


Our guest speakers, courses, articles, and all other resources crafted to accelerators our members' ability to grow their companies.  Quickly find options for capital, services, and learnings to make your growth goals a reality.


Pailor's online community platform is designed to create strong connections within our network of women business owners.  Members are part of a national community of women supporting each other in growing their businesses.



Why does Pailor exist?

The state of women -owned business data shows that it is

What the numbers say


of Businesses in the US are women-owned. Sounds great, right? But they only employ 8% of workers and generate 4% of of revenue generated by US private companies.


of women-owned businesses generate more that $1 million in annual revenue. 88% of women-owned businesses are generating less than $100k in annual revenue.


If Pailor could succeed at support women business owners to grow by just 1% that would be an additional $18 billion dollars controlled by women and 92,000 more people working for them

The current state of women-owned businesses


Meet our 



Resources to help you


  • Do You Need a Business Partner? (And How to Find One)

    As an entrepreneur, you are used to juggling a variety of responsibilities. Even if you prefer doing it alone, the time may come when a business partner becomes an integral part of business growth and development.

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  • The Top Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

    Since 2007, the number of women entrepreneurs in the US has increased by almost 30 percent, with a majority of women-owned businesses seeing substantial success in their first few years in operation. But despite the growing number of women-led companies throughout the US, over 9.1 million nationwide as of 2019, the challenges facing women in business...

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  • 5 Ways Women-Owned Businesses Can Access More Capital

    Women-owned businesses are flourishing in the US, creating millions of new jobs and generating $ 1.9 trillion in revenue in 2019. Although these businesses are critical to the country's economy, most of them are classified as small businesses, for they have less than 500 workers. Small business owners face many challenges in accessing the funding needed...

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