Pailor is a private network for women business owners working together to propel their companies towards growth through peer learning, access to capital, strategic services, and community. Pailor members are committed to decreasing the gender pay gap, improving benefits that keep other women in the workforce and helping women control more capital.

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Pailor is a private network of women business owners that are focused on growth.  We grow by focusing on learning, access to capital, services we need to grow and community. 

At Pailor we believe that women empowering women to grow their businesses will translate into a decreased gender pay gap, better benefits to keep other women in the workforce, a higher success rate of businesses overall and more philanthropic giving within the community these women live. In other words, it's not just about making money although there's nothing wrong with that too!



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Join a Pailor flight crew with 7 other women owners.  Monthly confidential meetings centered on topics of being an owner

Access to a private network of women owners that are focused on growth and leveraging our collective networks

Learn from expert guests during our regular virtual meetups on topics that will help you grow, lead and operate your business


Access to our member perk partners for discounts, vetted service partners and capital partners to support your business growth

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A woman who owns any percentage of a business (or is the founder of a nonprofit), is actively involved in the operations, has the desire to grow the business and meets at least one of the following: 

a) has at least 3 employees 


b) does over $500k in annual revenue.

We are currently only operating in the United States.




Pailors online, regional and local communities have access to growth learning resources, access to capital partners, vetted service partners and community forums all centered around growing your business.

Pailors Networks

Our network starts with an online platform that brings together female business owners, then goes deeper in topic-based groups and local or virtual small groups of 8 called Flight Crews.

Pailor Member Qualifications

  • Female business owner

  • Who are actively involved in the operations of their businesses

  • A minimum of 3 employees OR $500k in annual revenue

  • And have the desire to grow

Women Colleagues

“I created Pailor after a bad experience joining a private network of mostly men.  Now that I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years I'm finally comfortable growing my business without feeling the need to tell the world why it's okay for me to do so, yet also not feeling less of an owner for factoring in my realities of being a women-owner.  I think women growing their businesses will solve many other problems women in the workplace face like the gender pay gap, the benefits needed to keep other women in the workforce, and not to mention it's good for the economy!”


Stefanie Sample
Founding Member of Pailor

The impact of  1%


more women-owned businesses would exist by going from 39% to 40%


more people would work for women-owned businesses


$18 Billion more dollars would be generated by women-owned businesses


Pailor is on a mission to propel women-owned businesses towards growth through learning, access to capital, and community.

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What a 1% increase in growth would mean

While 1% is just a starting point the impact will be significant.  It would increase the amount of capital controlled by women entrepreneurs by $18 billion.


of Businesses in the US are women-owned


But only employ a small number of the people


And only make up a tiny percentage of revenue generated by US Companies


The change we are starting with

we asked our network

"What would you like to learn from a community of fellow women business owners?"

here's what they had to say

"Advantages and challenges, valuable information related to owning a business and succeeding" -Lilly

"Benefits for woman-owned business" -Teri

"Their business building tips" -Dana

"Networking" -Lisa

"Marketing skills" -Traci

"Small business resources, finding an investor, where to spend my time and priorities" -Lynn

"Talent development, finding the right accountants & lawyers, raising additional rounds of capital." -Rahama

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The potential of women entrepreneurs for spurring economic growth has not been fully realized.


Apply For Membership 

Should you apply? 

Are you excited to grow the revenue of your business?

Do you meet the membership qualifications?

Are you looking for a group of people that understands you as a women business owner?

Do you want to be part of other women's business success?

If yes, then we'd love for you to apply so that you have first access to our elite executive women's business platform!

We're looking for Partners

We are currently working on our Pailor Perk partners.  To qualify your company needs to be at least 25% women-owned, sell a product online and be willing to get a discount code that can be used on one.  

We are thrilled to be highlighting women-owned businesses through this program and also giving our members offering that are unique!


Stay connected with your women's network group on the go! Download the Pailor app to your mobile device for access to the most current Pailor news and flight crew information.

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