Flight Crews

Our application process:

  • Fill out the form
  • We will schedule a quick 15 minute Zoom with us so we can better place you with an amazing group and answer any of your questions
  • Commit to joining a Flight Crew
  • Get placed in your group (everyone else will be new to Flight Crews too)
  • Schedule your first session which is also a training session facilitated by an expert leader.

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Flight Crew Women Owners


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Overview of Flight Crews


Confidential and supportive groups of 8 that meet monthly where members work through their most difficult challenges with other like-minded leaders.

What's a Flight Crew? Flight Crews are virtual groups of 8 women business owners who meet on a regular basis in an atmosphere of confidentiality and openness to share in each other’s business, family, and personal experiences with the conversation rooted in growth. Flight Crews provides an ongoing opportunity to share and discuss professional and personal issues within a trusted group of peers.

What happens in a Flight Crew? We start by laying out the Flight Crew structure and a few tips on how to participate and then go simulate a Flight Crew meetings with some of the questions that are common in a Flight Crew. You will dive deep with other women business owners during this time

What is the cost to join a Flight Crew? The pricing to join a Flight Crew is $29 per month on-going. You can cancel at anytime.

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The Benefits of Joining a Flight Crew

deep connection icon

Deep Connection 

Form a deep connection with other women at a similar stage to where you are at with your buisness

biggest fans icon

Your biggest fans

Flight Crews naturally for a small group of your biggest fans out to support and encourage you

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Keep Growing

Entrepreneurship is tought. Flight Crews help you keep focus and keep going as your grow your business

Flight Crew Structure


Flight Crews meet monthly for 90 minutes via Zoom

Private group in Pailor community for regular communication and sharing

Highly structured so members get maximum value 

Formed based on stage of company: Launch Crews (for those just getting started or exploring starting a business) Growth Crews (for those with under 5 employees) Established Crews (for those with over 5 employees and focused on continued business growth) 

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How much does a Flight Crew cost?
The pricing is $29 per month on-going. You can cancel anytime. 
Are there scholarships available if I can't afford it?
Yes, we would never want the cost to prevent you from joining.  Please email hello@pailor.org to request financial assistance.
Do you train the Flight Crew on how it works?

Of course! Our expert trainer is Patience Schutts. She trains and leads similar groups in YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and the Harvard Business School. 

About Patience Schutts \ Patience holds a BS in Human Development and Psychology from Boston College, a MS in Counseling Psychology from California State University Long Beach, is licensed in the State of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist, is a Certified Forum Facilitator (CFF) for YPO - Young President’s Organization and is a certified trainer with EIDI (Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute/UCLA.) Patience has facilitated retreats and been a YPO resource on six continents. She teaches communication skills, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, self-awareness and finding your own waypoint and is a certified coach with Million Peacemakers.

Do you do local Flight Crews?
Not yet but we are considering it for the future.  We'd suggest you join a virtual group now and request to be on our list for your area so that you are notified if we are able to start them.
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