Women in Leadership Flight Crews

Confidential and supportive groups of 8 that meet monthly where members work through their most difficult challenges with other like-minded leaders.

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Flight Crew Simulations

If you are thinking about joining Pailor we want you to first experience what we do.  Once you fill out a member application you can sign up for a 2-hour virtual Taste of Pailor Flight Crews and experience it for yourself with other women also exploring Pailor.

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Flight Crew Simulations

Regular Event Dates Posted on our Events Page

Virtual Via Zoom

Experience a Flight Crew with other women and learn what Pailor is all about

Flight Crews

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Once placed in a flight crew with 7 other women business owners you will then designate a flight crew moderator that will attend training on leading the meetings for that year.  The group will launch through a flight crew training with a Pailor facilitator and training.  You will all be in a private group on the Pailor platform and will be able to chat and schedule your monthly virtual meetings.

Flight Crews usually meet monthly via zoom for 90 minutes

There is an option to have an annual in-person retreat

The group is usually diverse in business industries, backgrounds, and location which we believe adds a lot of value and valuable perspectives.

“I created Pailor after a bad experience joining a private network of mostly men.  Now that I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years I'm finally comfortable growing my business without feeling the need to tell the world why it's okay for me to do so, yet also not feeling

less of an owner for factoring in my realities of being a women-owner.  I think women growing their businesses will solve many other problems women in the workplace face like the gender pay gap, the benefits needed to keep other women in the workforce, and not to mention it's good for the economy!”


Stefanie Sample
Founding Member

But first...apply for membership

Before attending A Taste of Pailor Flight Crews please fill out the member application.  You are not committed to joining by filling out the application we are just confirming that you qualify for Pailor before having you attend. 

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