Exclusive Membership to an Elite Network of women business owners

Join other female entrepreneurs and executives by securing your exclusive membership to an elite network of businesswomen on one of the fastest-growing business growth platforms for women. Pailor is a private network for women working together to propel their businesses towards growth through peer learning, access to capital, strategic services, and community.

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We believe that women growing their businesses will translate into a decreased gender pay gap, better benefits to keep other women in the workforce, a higher success rate of businesses overall, and more philanthropic giving within the community these women live. In other words, it's not just about making money although there's nothing wrong with that too!

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Apply for membership

Interview and Qualify yourself

Attend "A taste of Pailor Flight Crews" virtual event

Finalize membership

Join the online platform and a flight crew



  • Join a flight crew and gain access to 7 other women owners

  • Monthly confidential meetings centered on topics of being an owner

  • Access to a private network of women owners that are focused on growth and leveraging our collective networks

  • Learn from expert guests during our regular virtual meetups on topics that will help you grow, lead and operate your business

  • Access to our member perk partners for discounts, vetted service partners and capital partners to support your business growth

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  • A woman who owns any percentage of a business (or is the founder of a nonprofit), is actively involved in the operations, has the desire to grow the business and meets at least one of the following: 

  • a) has at least 3 employees 


  • b) does over $500k in annual revenue

We are currently only operating in the United States.


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If you are thinking about joining Pailor we want you to first experience what we do. Once you fill out a member application you can sign up for a 2-hour virtual Taste of Pailor Flight Crews and experience it for yourself with other women also exploring Pailor.


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