Anne Meree Craig, Co-Founder and CEO, The COMMIT Foundation

Anne Meree served as a civil servant deploying around the world in direct strategic and operational support to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. In 2010, after having her second child, she left the government and founded Maxemi LLC, a consulting business aimed at relationship navigation, strategy development, and research. She has worked as the Chief Administrative Officer at McChrystal Group and as the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Berico Technologies. Her clients included Deloitte and General Dynamics. Anne Meree feels blessed to have not just served at the tip of spear but to also have married into it. She believes it provides her a unique understanding for the work she currently does at The COMMIT Foundation. Anne Meree is gifted at connecting dots in creating serendipity for our veterans and works to grow the enduring relationships necessary to enable real success.

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